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Hi or Hello, my name is (say your name), and I am here to talk about a lay Catholic apostolate called the Catholic Dragons.Catholic Dragons was founded by lay catholic, Michael Riedel, on May 27, 2012;

in the year of the dragon, on the 1,979th birthday of the church in the basement of his home. Michael is also a 4th Degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus, which was one of the inspirations for Catholic Dragons. It was also inspired by a world organization of dragons in the Disney TV show, American Dragon: Jake Long and by the real life Christian organization of dragons called the Order of the Dragon. Our world headquarters is based in Billings, Montana and is incorporated in the state of Montana.


By calling ourselves Dragons; Catholic Dragons is an order, a lay apostolate, a service organization, a non-profit business, we are apart of the Church Militant and a division of Our Lady's Army, known as the Dragon Regiment, our only weapon is the Rosary.

Dragons are devoted to Christ and our Holy Mother; The Most Blessed Virgin Mary. We are made up of activists and citizens setting out to worship God, pray, defend the Catholic Church, defend & serve God's creation, to protect the environment, to promote the truth in public, proclaim the Gospel, provide humanitarian & disaster relief, volunteer at church, fight against the enemies of the church, do works of mercy, improve ourselves, preserve the Church, serve the Church & community, bring people to Jesus Christ, make disciples of all nations, and to evangelize.


Each Catholic Dragons District is member owned and operated.

Catholic Dragons is in full union with the Pope, the Vatican and fully compliant with church teaching.


 Catholic Dragons is open to anyone who is 18 years of age or over, who is fully initiated into the church and is a practicing Roman Catholic. Catholic Dragons is a service oriented catholic organization. Dragons are groups of service-minded men and women who are interested in serving their church, their communities, and the world whether as individuals or as part of a district, when a dragon sees a need, they respond and for every need, there is a dragon. Dragons care for the spiritual welfare and well being of their loved ones, their fellow dragons and neighbors. for more information, go to Thank You...Hail Jesus.

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